Why Ciders?

Several years ago, a good friend of mine showed me his list of beers he had tried. At that point in his life, he had tried over 200 beers, and they were arranged alphabetically in a google spreadsheet, noting the name, city of origin, and his personal notes and comments. His list inspired me to make my cider list, since I found ciders to be a much more interesting list than beers. I sat down with the wikipedia list of ciders and recorded every one I had tried up to that point (which was only 27).

It wasn’t until I was discussing these lists with another friend some time later when he suggested that I write a blog about them. The idea really resonated with me, as I had never heard of or seen a cider blog before. Thus, the Ciderman’s Log was born. It provides me a creative outlet for writing, and allows me to experience some of the best craftsmanship in the world of drink production.

The world of ciders has grown immensely since I began this blog two years ago, and so has my personal collection of ciders. No matter how many reviews I write, I am constantly learning about and acquiring new ciders. What strikes me as odd, being the completionist that I am, is that the task of trying every cider is completely impossible, yet I am perfectly okay with this. Even if I go through life having sampled only a fraction of the ciders the world has to offer, it will have been an experience well worth the effort.


Also, let’s be honest, I have a much better chance of hitting all of the ciders than someone doing the same thing with beers.