Number 101: Angry Orchard Easy Apple

One of the things that I keep under strict organization is my iTunes library. Call me old-fashioned, but there is a certain sense of security in owning my music and having the physical files stored on my computer. In organizing the songs, I have stumbled across the genre “easy listening.” What the hell does that mean? What is difficult listening? I can’t imagine popping my earbuds in, pressing play, and thinking “wow, this song is so easy to listen to!”unnamed

Angry Orchard’s Easy Apple was, in fact, very easy to drink. The Easy Apple is an unfiltered cider, which gives it a much fuller, richer flavor than the run-of-the-mill Crisp Apple. Not only that, but it also lacks what is often a sickly sweetness. Other than the initially misleading name, I think that the Easy Apple is a much more genuine-tasting cider than the mass-distributed Crisp Apple, and a much stronger product overall.

I’m very glad that a company as large and successful as Angry Orchard isn’t afraid to change things up or keep trying new things. Unfiltered ciders are, in my experience, some of the richest cider experiences, and Angry Orchard’s edition is a clear cut above many of their varieties.

The Ciderman’s Rating: 8/10


Number 74: Two Towns OutCider

“Where are you from?” people will often ask in a bland attempt to make conversation. “Oh, I’m from Minneapolis” is my usual response, but that’s mostly because there is also a Bloomington in Illinois, Indiana, and California. If the conversation continues down this path, I normally illustrate how ideal living in Bloomington is because of its relative quiet while still in close proximity to downtown. Also, Mall of America, if you’re into that kind of thing.

OutCiderTwo Towns OutCider is a self-described “raw and unfiltered” cider and prior to my research, I had no idea what that meant. What exactly were they filtering out? But, upon the first sip, it was instantly identifiable. The OutCider is one of the purest, most apple-tasting ciders I’ve had to date. The lack of filtering leaves the apple juice taste completely intact, and when combined with the heady aroma of cider-related spices, it delivers a knockout flavor.

Once again, I have to admire 2 Towns, as they are both top-notch cidermakers as well as wordsmiths. This is not the first time that hearing the name of one of their ciders has garnered a legitimate laugh out of me. While it has nothing to do with the cider’s craft or flavor, I grade the entire cider experience as a whole, and that definitely counts for something. I would highly recommend this crisp, full-flavored, and completely sessionable cider.

The Ciderman’s Rating: 9.5/10