Number 100: Ace SpAce

“At a cantina on a star in a planetary system far far away, the surviving beautiful sister, takes a hit on a hookah pipe and listens for incider information.” –Excerpt from the neck label of the Ace Space.Ace Space

Every May, in honor of May the Fourth, I expand on thosepithy “may the Fourth be with you” posts and commit an entire month to Star Wars-themed posts of pictures, questions, and witty thematic banter. A review of this, my 100th cider, seemed tangentially on theme until I read that caption from the bottleneck. It was only upon visiting the cider’s web page that I found out the owner of Ace Cider’s wife was an actor in the cantina scene in A New Hope.

The Ace SpAce is the first of its kind, a bold combination of flavors that are so diametrically opposite, they even have an aphorism based on their difference. Even the look of the cider is unique: a milky orange, reminiscent of Bespin at sundown. Perhaps the strongest quality of this cider is just how different and alien it tastes. The pulpy affect of orange juice is something not found in apple-based beverages. There is no suspension of disbelief in imagining drinking this at a cantina on Tatooine, a bar on Coruscant, or anywhere in the galaxy after a hard-fought victory against the empire.

The cider’s opening crawl features a hint of apple, but the orange flavor takes over shortly after and dominates the palate with its citrus notes. The flavor lingers on like a ghost, inviting you to experience more and complete the cider. Unfortunately, I do think that this cider could use more apple to bring balance to the overall presentation. But, for a special release, I feel that the SpAce certainly delivers.

The Ciderman’s Rating: 8/10


Number 69: Crispin Pacific Pear

There is a moment in the recent Star Wars film where, after a stormtrooper disobeys orders, one of the characters says to the general of the army: “Maybe you should try using clones.” The line got a good laugh out of me because I enjoyed that they were willing to, in some small way, poke fun at the prequels films. However, as Finn, Captain Phasma, and the now ubiquitous “loyalty trooper” (TR-8R) show, the stormtroopers of the new installment are not cookie cutter CGI soldiers of Star Wars’ recent past. They have individuality. They are different from one anCrispin Pearother.

Crispin’s Pacific Pear is probably the best pear cider I’ve had to date. I’ve had the bottle for some time, but the aroma inexplicably carried an air of freshness. The fruity notes practically jump out at you, leading up to a finish that is dry, but not unpleasantly so.

The cider tastes very different from the other 68 ciders on my list. As the back label indicates, this is a 100% pear cider. There is no pear flavoring added  or any apple content whatsoever, which is why the flavor is so pure and refreshing. The front label denotes that it is “elegant and bright,” which are two words that I don’t normally associate with cider, but after one sip, I completely agree.

The Ciderman’s Rating: 9/10

*Note: I apologize for the Star wars intro. If you, like me, spend any amount of time on the internet, you’re probably sick of reading about Star Wars. But it was my 69th cider. Cut me some slack.