Number 121: Sociable Fat Bike

New Belgium may have the Fat Tire, but Minnesota is probably the only state where it makes sense to produce a cider called the Fat Bike. It is almost impossible to make it through a Minnesota winter without seeing at least one committed cyclist cruising down the streets in below-0 temperatures on a fat bike, specially made to accommodate the snowy conditions. These folks are hardy, dedicated, and complete lunatics. I barely want to take the time to warm up my car in the winter, much less ride a bike.Sociable Fat Bike

Sociable’s flagship cider, the Freewheeler, doesn’t really do it for me. The Fat Bike, on the other hand, was fantastic. Being a semi-dry cider, the Fat Bike excites my palate in a much gentler way than the full-dry Freewheeler, and the mulled nature of the beverage brings a host of spices to every sip. Though the cider only comes in at 5.2% ABV, I think my proximity to the imperial cider double-header tricked my brain into thinking the Fat Bike packed even more of a punch. The aroma of mulled cider is always delightful, combining the already pleasant smell of apples with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

This marks the fourth of Sociable’s ciders on my list, and apart from the Freewheeler, I think I’ve enjoyed every one of them. If they can consistently produce ciders on the quality of the Fat Bike and the Burnout, I can see them cementing a place as a big cider player in Minnesota.

The Ciderman’s Rating: 9/10

*Also, side note: I’m going to try to take more cider pictures at work. Way more interesting to look at than counters and tables.


Number 98: Sociable Burn Out

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 debuted in theaters recently, and it was quite the hoot. With action, adventure, comedy, and some great cameos, it’s no surprise that it has quickly climbed to the number one spot in the box office. But what’s more, with its comedic timing, one-liners, and the ability of any one of the characters to crack a joke at any given moment, this movie epitomized the thought that has been in the back of movie-goers’ minds for years now: Marvel movies can get away with anything. Sociable Burnout
The cider notebook I’ve been using to record my recent samplings has a category to denote spice. I couldn’t imagine what a cider that maxed out that category would taste like, but now I have a pretty clear idea. The Sociable Burn Out is what I would classify as a “sipping cider,” not because of the high alcohol content, but because it is spicy as hell. I enjoy a good spicy beverage like a Bloody Mary every now and again, but it certainly threw me for a loop coming from a drink that I didn’t directly observe hot sauce being added to.
This cider is truly a wild ride. From the strong cucumber aroma to the sharp habanero flavor that shoots up the back of your nostrils, the Burn Out is a test for almost all of the senses. Once it comes into focus, the apples balance with the peppers rather nicely, resulting in a cider unlike any other. Of all the added flavors for ciders, I certainly would never have thought to put cucumber and habanero with apple, but somehow Sociable totally got away with it.
The Ciderman’s Rating: 9/10