Number 108: Ace Pineapple

I’ve always been able to separate out my opinion of something from the general hype surrounding it. When Netflix’s Stranger Things first arrived to the platform, social media was thoroughly abuzz with posts and articles about it, exalting its greatness and repeating the opinion that I “totally needed to watch it.” I waited a month or so, but when I eventually got around to watching it, I found it to be pretty good. Not revolutionary to the genre, nor by any means my favorite Netflix original series. It was just pretty good.

Ace Pineapple

Ace Cider’s Pineapple cider had been sitting in my queue for months, if not over a year. Of the ciders in my untested collection, it received the largest number of comments from houseguests. It seemed that everyone had an opinion on this cider. It was either the best pineapple cider they had ever had, or it was far too sweet and I was going to hate it. After trying it, I respectfully disagree with both opinions.

The Ace Pineapple does a pretty fantastic job of blending the apple and pineapple flavors, such that neither is battling too contentiously for the forefront of the flavor. Both are equally present, and the cider certainly benefits from this. Though the cider was sweet, I did not find it overpoweringly so. That is always a risk with such a saccharine fruit, but Ace does a nice job of keeping this in check. The aroma is full and fruity, and the finish is smooth and clean. Overall, as far as pineapple ciders go, I would say that the Ace Pineapple is not revolutionary, but pretty darn good.

The Ciderman’s Rating: 8/10


Number 93: Wyder’s Prickly Pineapple

I’m always eager to try new things, but occasionally, they can feel a little too far into uncharted territory. A friend recently recommended that the next time I make scrambled eggs to mix in some cottage cheese. As a rule, cottage cheese is something that repulses me. The smell, the semisolid texture, and I do not get along. However, I told him I would try it, and I’m a man of my word. As it turns out, it’s a pretty tasty combo.

wyders-prickly-pineappleCottage cheese and scrambled eggs are not a perfect analogy for pineapple and apple. Unlike cottage cheese, I am never one to turn down pineapple-flavored anything. I was hesitant, however, to procure a full 6-pack of Wyder’s Prickly Pineapple because I was not convinced that pineapple and apple could be blended in a way that wasn’t overpowering toward one flavor or the other.

I was wrong.

The pineapple is eager to jump out in front as the most prominent flavor, but once the cider settles into the palate, the apple comes out to reveal the careful balance between the two very different fruits. The aroma is far more tropical than most ciders, giving it a zesty, fresh quality. The cider is a little on the sweet side, but the balance and overall presentation makes this much more forgivable than for an average cider.

This is the first pineapple cider I’ve tried, and I have an Ace pineapple cider already lined up in the queue for the future, so I will be excited to compare the two.

The Ciderman’s Rating: 8/10