Number 83: Woodchuck Day Chaser

A person’s surroundings can make a large impression on any experience. For example, when I first tried the Woodchuck Day Chaser, it was a hot April afternoon. The sun was beaming, the winds were calm, and I was completely knackered after helping a friend move. I was in just the perfect state to appreciate the taste and ethos of the cider. Day ChaserFast forward to now; it has been grey all week, the winds are slicking the windows with rain, and a cider that makes me want to be outside just feels so out of place.

I’m not sure how, but Woodchuck managed to capture the essence of summer within a beverage. When I drink it, I want nothing more than to sit out on a porch or dock and simply enjoy the day. The flavor isn’t terribly peculiar: semi dry, with a crisp finish. But, there is something about it that is supremely satisfying.

I pictured this as being lighter in color, but as you can see, it is dark and rich, which adds a layer of solidity to the daydreams of adventure it inspires.

The Ciderman’s Rating: 9/10