Number 109: Starcut Ciders Immortal Jelly

Jellyfish are a pretty weird animal. They have earned a monicker as similarly misleading as the pineapple in that they are neither made of jelly, nor are they fish. They are mysterious aquatic creatures that drift to and fro in a mesmerically beautiful way. Because they don’t actually have brains, or even a central nervous system, they almost seem like plantlife: floating in the tidal winds, their tendrils billowing like tongues Immortal Jellyof flame. 

Starcut Ciders’ Immortal Jelly was a uniquely enjoyable
cider. Packing the flavors of a quartet of berries (straw, blue, black, and rasp), the Immortal Jelly bears a pleasant aroma and aftertaste reminiscent of a fine jam. These berry flavors counterbalance the slightly acerbic
semi-sweet apple, leading to a very smooth, even finish.

This is my first cider from Starcut, and from the look of their website, they have a whole host of ciders that I have never seen before. The Immortal Jelly was a gift brought back from the depths of Wisconsin, so if I ever see any in my neck of the woods, I’ll be sure to pick it up.

The Ciderman’s Rating: 8.5/10


Number 89: Ace Berry

I have a very good friend who is a botanist. Whenever we travel for an extended period of time, we will challenge one another mentally with games involving naming a certain number of items within a category. It is in this way that I learned that a strawberry is not a berry: the category was berry, I named strawberry, and he just shook his head and muttered “not a berry.” And who was I to argue with a botanist?

I’ll be honest: part of me was hoping thatace-berry this one would be blue, or at the very least purplish. That was probably just the ambiguous berry on the label trying to deceive me. The Ace Berry delivered quite the shock, as it was much more tart than the ciders I’ve been drinking lately. At first, it was almost too tart, but as I became more accustomed to it, I came to realize that it was accompanied by a softening sweetness that really rounded out the flavor.

One of the flavor categories in my Cider Journal is “berry” and I can tell you with confidence that it received full marks here. Though I couldn’t quite identify which berries (be they traditional berries or aggregate accessory berries like the strawberry) made up the mysterious berry flavor, it was rather tasty. Ace has yet to let me down.

The Ciderman’s Rating: 7/10